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A Holistic Approach to Fundraising & Program Strategies

With over 10 years of nonprofit experience, I bring practical knowledge from a funder’s point of view to help your nonprofit be more strategic in leveraging its programs and resources towards greater impact. As a fundraising and management consultant, I want to help your nonprofit develop deeper relationships with funders, from transactional to partnership, as well as transform your organization’s mission and values into effective programs.

Elizabeth Lee Consulting was founded on a common question in the nonprofit industry – how do you build the capacity and sustainability of nonprofits to create change or make an impact? Essentially, how does a nonprofit accomplish its mission despite limited available resources? Many nonprofits struggle with striking the appropriate balance between staying true to their organization’s mission and meeting funders’ requests to secure grant support.


Nonprofit Fundraising & Management Consultant

Elizabeth Lee Consulting

For more than 10 years, I have helped numerous nonprofits be more effective and impactful in carrying out their missions. I have had the privilege of working with and understanding the needs of a complete range of nonprofits, including: social justice, community/youth organizing, advocacy, direct service, and health and human service organizations – as well as foundations and governmental agencies at the federal, state, and city level.

Previously, as the Associate Director of Grants Integration at the Food Bank For New York City, I led the organization’s government grantseeking and contract management activities, and provided strategic guidance to the organization’s senior leadership on new government funding opportunities.  In addition, I oversaw the integration of the Program, Development, Finance, and Operations to ensure proper execution, implementation, and compliance of over $20 million in 40 government-funded contracts and over $5 million in 45 private grants. This position gave me valuable insight into overall nonprofit organizational management, as well as how intricately tied an organization’s strategic plans, program strategies, and fundraising efforts are, and their effect on an organization’s impact towards its mission.

Prior to joining the Food Bank, I managed two funder collaboratives at NEO Philanthropy (formerly known as Public Interest Projects) with a combined budget of over $20 million, which provided multi-year grants and technical assistance to over 70 grantees. In addition, I worked with grantees to identify additional networking and learning opportunities, as well as technical assistance needs, to increase their capacity and effectiveness in advancing social justice issues. I also developed and managed relationships with over 100 national and regional donors. This position gave me valuable insight into the behind the scenes of why and how foundations assess and evaluate grant requests.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts from Wells College in Environmental Science, Public Policy & Values, and I currently live in Brooklyn, NY, with my husband Rob.